Moondance X Dope Ammo

Finally, the long awaited album from Moondance X Dope Ammo is available across all platforms, bringing a whole host of scene legends and newcomers alike together which is uncanny considering that’s the title of the album!

A massive amount of bang up to date remixes feature here including Moondance anthems ‘Sound of Eden’, ‘Trip to the Moon’, ‘Don’t Go’ and ‘Searching for my Rizla’ just for starters. It’s almost impossible to pick a selection of tracks to write about as the album contains over 40 future hits. What you will be pleased to hear though is that the reworks of the classics are true to form with no nonsense and certainly no fillers. The original tunes come certified from not only Moondance & Dope Ammo but also Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter, Ellis Dee and Kenny Ken to name but a few.

Stand out slammers include reboots of Top Buzz’s ‘Living in Darkness’, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t’s early happy hardcore anthem ‘Six Days’ and The Criminal Minds’ ‘Baptised By Dub’ which features the ‘king of the midas touch’ MC Spyda this time around.

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