Remixing Services

Remixing records refers to the process of taking an existing recorded song and altering it in various ways to create a new version or interpretation. This practice has become increasingly popular in the music industry, particularly in electronic and dance genres. Remixing allows artists and producers to add their own creative touch to a song by manipulating elements such as tempo, rhythm, melody, vocals, and instrumentation. Remixes can range from subtle changes to a complete reimagining of the original track, often incorporating new sounds, effects, and production techniques.

One of the primary reasons for remixing records is to cater to different audiences or markets. By creating remixes, artists can adapt their songs to suit specific genres or target different demographics. For example, a pop song may be remixed into a Garage/House/DNB version to appeal to club-goers / urban music fans. Remixes also provide an opportunity for collaboration between artists from different genres, allowing them to bring their unique styles together and create something fresh and exciting.

bea1 offers a bespoke remixing service, catering for a variety of different dance music genres. .

We have a team of seasoned producers who have years of experience in their respective scenes, and who regularly turn out quality material for us. Some of our producers have remixed numerous official Top 40 records, completing professional remix work at the highest level. .

Whilst remixing for bea1 – they have featured on BBC Radio1, BBC Radio 2, BBC 1Xtra, Capital Xtra, Rinse FM, Shine 879, The Beat London, Reprezent, Centreforce Radio to name, but a few. .

Our producers also have strong roots in the underground club and radio scene, so you can rest assured that your remixes will reach every spectrum of musical outlets – both online and offline. .

If you have someone else in mind for a remix, we can aim to make that happen too. At bea1 we strive for the best prices on your behalf, making use of our industry discounts where available and passing on the savings directly to you.