We welcome legendary No 1 pop hit record producer (Duran Duran) to the bea1 production team

“Although I started out with a passion for the visual arts, it wasn’t long before I had my first encounter with music creation when I helped design a top rate recording studio. By a quirk of fate I ended up working at that studio. During my time there I worked with some amazing talent and gained my first meaningful credit as Production Assistant on Roxy Music’s classic album, “Avalon”

A chance meeting between members of Roxy and Duran Duran catapulted me into producing first a single and then album for Duran Duran. The single was their first UK #1 “Is There Something I Should Know” and a single from the album, “The Reflex” their first US #1. 

My life since those heady days of the ’80s has seen me have extreme highs and lows but now in 2023 I’m working with new, generally younger acts (I’m 69!) and loving every minute of it. My most recent project working on “Fame” by German duo “Heartbeat Designers” has seen me, along with my engineer and co producer John Robbinson, hook up again with Andy Lysandrou and his team of  remixers, Dope Ammo, Cellardore and Black Habit. Our collaboration has resulted in entering the Official Commercial Pop chart at #18 and Andy’s team garner high praise from their work with a wide range of DJ’s resulting in “Fame” generating a really positive club presence. I am glad to say that even at my age the future’s never looked brighter. I’m also frequently collaborating with DJ Jon who’s Whitelab label is worth checking out. For more details about me check my website. www.ian-little.com. You’ll find out more of my history as well as details of projects I’m proud to be working on with great new talent. My profile picture for this biog has been taken by Mark Shikada.

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