Groove Chronicles & Dub child Rip N Run Vol.3

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The latest Noodles Groove Chronicles & Dub child creation Rip N Run Vol.3 on DPR Recordings comprises of 3 standout 2 stepping tracks ready for the club. Where you can’t simply think it’s anything other than DPR the moment you hear them.

The EP kicks of with A1 “Heli-kopter 2 Step Mix” where we are advised to buckle up and get ready to take off into the 2 stepping atmosphere. A call to forget about the here and now and embrace the groovin skis. A wobbling 101 type bassline that takes you from 13’000 ft straight to the underground while being accompanied by light synth elements and clean vocal cuts, that shoot you straight back into the skies.

First on the B-side “Got You Now 2 Step Mix” lays low in the intro with soulful vocals cutting through the mix before hitting with a wobbling subby drop across a weighty snare-driven break. Once again using the careful placement of a breezy synth to complement the beautiful vocal chops.

The EP is wrapped up by “Like a Girl 2 Step Mix” which instantly elicits the feeling of watching a 1960’s mystery film.

The vocals and rhythmical flavour of the drums hypnotize you into non-stop headshaking. While the rattling low-end creeps up on you throughout the track giving the illusion that the vocals are there to protect and keep you safe from the mystery that is circling.

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