London, UK: UK music artist BBlayZ is set to unleash his latest track, “Zombie King,” promising to ignite dancefloors this summer.

Following the success of “North Star,” which recently secured the 17th spot on the Music Week Commercial Pop Charts, BBlayZ is gearing up to continue his musical journey with this pulsating new release.

“Zombie King” is a dance anthem at heart, purposefully designed to animate even the most reluctant dancer. As the name implies, some of the remixes incorporate an unconventional yet mesmerising rhythm, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a zombie’s herky-jerky swagger.

The track stands out with masterful remixes from renowned remixers at the top of their craft: Blakk Habit, Cellardore, Brock UK, and the much-anticipated contribution from Shy Cookie. These remixes boast infectious grooves guaranteed to keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

Reflecting on the remix pack, BBlayZ comments, “This has to be one of my favourite mix packs we’ve put out. Each day I find myself entranced by a different mix, they all completely capture the kind of rhythms I love dancing to. A massive shout out to the remix masters for their outstanding work, and to my Producer, Yorgos Benardos for his stellar Main Mix!”

The lyrical narrative of “Zombie King” recounts a serendipitous encounter on the London Underground. Amid the erratic motion of the train, a captivating woman stumbles into BBlayZ’s lap, sparking an hypnotic fascination. Whether this encounter led to a romantic dalliance in BBlayZ’s flat or was merely a fleeting daydream remains ambiguous, evoking a narrative tension akin to the film “The Devil’s Advocate,” where the unfolding drama might merely be a figment of Keanu Reeves’ imagination.

BBlayZ offers an insightful reflection on the song’s theme, “Life has a way of creating these chance encounters, acting as a cosmic matchmaker. When I truly fall for a woman, it feels like I’m under a spell, in a zombie-like trance, minus the blood and gore, of course.”

BBlayZ’s “Zombie King” is more than just a dance track – it’s a celebration of life’s unexpected turns and the intoxicating power of attraction. This summer, prepare to be captivated by the “Zombie King” and surrender to the rhythm of BBlayZ’s entrancing beats.

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